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At Moco Meats we specialise in producing and supplying chefs with quality protein for their menus.

With the highest standards for sourcing and selection, you can be sure that you only get top quality meat.

We're your local wholesale butcher that produces fine pieces of meat in portion cuts or whole primal cartons for a reliable bulk meat supplier.

  • Delivering meat 6 days a week to Southeast QLD and Northern NSW
  • Order until 10pm for next day delivery
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Beef is our specialty

We have an extensive range of beef brands and cuts to meet the needs of your kitchen. You can choose from grain fed, pasture fed or grass fed beef. Portion your own steaks with whole primals or order portion cuts for easy and consistent cuts of beef.

We have beef from Wagyu, Black Angus and Shorthorn cattle that are bred specifically for a fantastic eating experience. With cuts that are tender and flavoursome to keep your customers coming back, or just a reliable rump steak to hit your price-point.



As a wholesale butcher, we are proud to partner with award-winning lamb producers to offer our customers some of the finest lamb in the country.

Sourced from the rich lands of Australia's Southern States, our Lamb is pasture-fed and bred specifically to suit the restaurant and catering industry.

Have confidence in product consistency and quality when you order Lamb from Moco.



From pork belly to pork roast, we have you covered with Moco wholesale meats.

As one of the largest meat distributors in South East Queensland and Northern NSW, we partner with Australia’s best-known pork producers so that you are receiving the finest quality pork.

Our supply partners have some of the highest standards in the world for animal welfare, safety, environmental protection and food quality.

Our Pork offers full traceability from paddock to plate so that you can trust what you're serving.

As they say... Get some 'Pork on your Fork'


Chicken is such a versatile protein, ready to be cooked in a number of ways for main meals or delicious snacks. 

Our very own Acacia Valley Chicken offers you expertly crafted portion cut serves that will minimise wastage and maximise efficiency and flavour in the kitchen with fresh or frozen options.

Choose from our cage free, or free-range products, with no added hormones or growth promotants (HGP free),

Looking for Wings, Thighs, Fillets, Schnitzels and more? Let's talk! 


When it comes to buying duck meat, we can offer a wide range of ducks from Pepe's and Luv-a-Duck, Australia’s largest farmer and producer. At Moco, there are two main breeds of Duck we use;

Pekin Ducks – with a larger body, this duck allows for bigger portion options

Muscovy Duck – often preferred by chefs for leaner meat than other breeds

For Fillets, Maryland, Peking or Whole Ducks and more, start browsing our range today. 


Sausages are a timeless and profitable solution for any menu and with our wholesale butcher operation, you can buy bulk meat for your foodservice.

Our sausages are handcrafted by artisan butchers using natural and artificial casings.

Perhaps try the Black Angus Beef, or our trending Gluten Free Pork and Apple & Sage varieties?

Speak to a Moco Meat Specialist for bespoke recipe solutions unique to your business.

Our Brands

Do you feature 'Farm to Fork' stories on your menu?

Take your customers on a journey with the brand stories and source of origin for their meal.

Order with Moco to easily find the brands you love or discover what's new and trending to make your menu stand out.

Search Moco's extensive portfolio of Meat options, from great value brands through to the finest reserve labels.

  • 30+ brands of beef
  • 10+ brands of lamb
  • 10+ brands of pork
  • 10+ brands of poultry

All diligently selected by our team of butchers.

'Meat' your Specialist

At Moco we have dedicated meat specialists that have backgrounds as chefs and butchers so that they can help you maximise the quality and profitability of your dishes.

If you are looking for savvy assistance when it comes to all things centre of plate, our team have the technical knowledge to help you with your menu design and purchasing journey.

We may offer wholesale meat prices that you would expect from a wholesale butcher, but we go that extra step with our refined knowledge and assistance that will give you an edge in the kitchen.


Portion Cut & Primal Meat

We have cuts of meat to suit every purpose, portioned meats for the busy kitchen that wants to optimise efficiencies and whole primal carton meat for the chef that wants to cut their own meat.

Moco's team of experienced Butchers expertly craft portion cuts to consistently meet your requirements and maximise yield, labour time and efficiency.

While whole primals allow you to buy meat from some of the biggest brands and portion your own cuts to meet your requirements and make the most of every piece.


Our Brands

Our Butchers

Our team of talented butchers have over 100 years of experience with modern portioning techniques, using the latest machinery and excellent quality assurance practices.

We are proud to produce some of the finest wholesale meat in Brisbane, delivering high-end and affordable cuts when you need bulk meat at great prices.

Accuracy is everything and we have the best butchers in Brisbane to deliver on that.

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