The Impact of Bird Flu on Food Service Egg Supply


The egg industry is scrambling to cover supply chain issues as Bird Flu has been detected in 12 farms across NSW and Victoria. These farms supply roughly 10% of the eggs in Australia, and it has been challenging to isolate the outbreaks and further restrict any spreading.

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3 Tips To Cook Better Hot Chips


Not all chips are made equal, but you can do your best to maximise the quality of any chip that you're putting in the deep fryer.

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How to Handle The Current Skills Shortage In The Kitchen


It’s well documented that there is a shortage of skilled chefs in the industry and that this is placing increased pressure on experienced chefs and younger chefs are being thrust into higher-pressure roles.

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Sourcing & Sustainability To Elevate Your Menu


When it comes to crafting a premium menu offering and charging higher prices, transparency and a keen focus on provenance can help give credibility to your menu. Research has shown that consumers are becoming increasingly mindful of what they eat and where it comes from, from a sustainability and quality perspective.

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Reducing Waste To Increase Profits In Your Cafe


Reducing food waste is a significant issue in the hospitality industry, from a sustainability point of view and profitability. Wasted food means wasted time ordering, prepping, plating and serving, not to mention the raw material costs.

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Consistency Keeps Your Cafe Customers Coming Back


The backbone of any successful cafe is a regular customer base that comes in rain, hail or shine for that hit of coffee or something from the cabinet. 

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Christmas Meat Market Update


A variety of supply and demand trends continue to affect the market as we move into the busiest months of the year.


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Hot Chips are Back on the Menu!


After a tumultuous few months, where domestic supply has been impacted by heavy rain and imported potatoes have been affected by drought, there is finally good news on the potato supply front. 

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Seafood Market Update


With multiple years of challenging conditions, there is some positive news in key sectors of the seafood market, while others remain challenging. Domestically there have been some price reductions on Barramundi and prawns, and its always great when you can put Australian produce on your menu.


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Scott's Collapse still sending shockwaves through food service supply chain


Scott’s Refrigerated Logistics went into liquidation in April, further burdening an already stretched supply chain. While it may be out of the news headlines at the moment, it is still having a very real impact on food service deliveries.

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How can Moco’s products help you with the Australian egg shortage?


There is a national egg shortage that has resulted from producers reducing their flock size as the demand for eggs has dropped dramatically over the past two years. Combining this with a series of extreme weather events and supply chain disruptions across the country has deepened the issue.

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Warm Up Your Menu with Our Winter Favorites

Winter is just around the corner; and we know that nothing warms the soul like a hearty, filling, delicious meal. At Moco, we're all about providing a wide range of quality ingredients that help you create mouth-watering dishes so that your customers keep coming back for more. We're here to help you take your culinary creations to the next level with a selection of our top-quality products. 


What you need to know about the current egg shortage

26th April, 2023

The egg shortage that has plagued the industry since 2022 has continued into this year as a variety of market conditions has made consistent supply harder to come by. COVID increased demand relative to supply and also significantly increased operating costs. 

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Our Guide on how to increase profitability with your functions menu!


With spring and the start of party season for Australian venues about to be in full bloom, now is the perfect time for your food business to capitalise on these events with successful menu planning! We have put together this blog as a guide on how to cover all your functions’ needs with better menu planning solutions. Whether it’s your first or hundredth function, read on for our tips and tricks to take your menu planning to the next level!

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The Imperial Hotel Eumundi


The Imperial Hotel Eumundi has been around for over 111 years as a cornerstone hotel of Eumundi’s history and the Sunshine Coast region. It has become a popular go-to destination on the Sunshine Coast for great food, live music, events, festivals, and specially crafted beer with a strong community bond. 


Moco's Top 5 Burger Places that build a better burger


If you've been staying up to date with our happenings, you will have come across Moco Food Services' 'Build a Better Burger' range. Along the way, we’ve seen customers who are doing just that with great success. Here are our top 5 customers who cook up some of the best burgers in South-East Queensland, each with their own unique twist.

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Customer Spotlight: Why Tweed River House is a MUST for fine diners


An impressive white Queenslander homestead overlooks the Tweed River amongst palm trees and well-manicured gardens. It was originally a home constructed in 1907 and since 1969, has undergone many transformations. Known as Tweed River House, it was purchased in 2021 by the current owners and opened to the public as a fine dining restaurant in October, last year. 

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Helping Pawpaw Cafe overcome the COVID challenge


As a wholesale cafe food supplier in Brisbane, Moco has seen a few success stories throughout the challenging times that hospitality has experienced over the past two years. One of those stories is of Pawpaw Café in Woolloongabba. 

The Western and Pan Asian inspired cafe was one of the first venues opened by Venzin Group and has been well-established for over ten years.

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Stress Less Kitchen: How Pre-Made Ingredients Makes It Easier for Chefs in the Kitchen

Pre-made ingredients, such as frozen garlic bread, portion-cut meat, bottled sauces, frozen appetizers, sausages, and burgers can be a helpful tool for restaurant chefs, particularly in situations where there is a labor shortage. These types of ingredients can save time and reduce the amount of prep work that chefs need to do, which can help to reduce stress in the kitchen. In addition, pre-made ingredients can help to ensure that dishes are consistently high quality, which can improve the overall dining experience for customers. Overall, pre-made ingredients can be a valuable tool for reducing stress and streamlining kitchen operations.


Maximizing Profitability in Your Restaurant: Strategies for Successful Menu Optimization

As a chef, you want to make sure that your venue is running at its most profitable. One effective way to do this is by optimising your menu options. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you work to create a menu that will improve your bottom line. 


How To Handle Skills Shortages In The Kitchen


It’s well documented that there is a shortage of killed chefs in the industry and that this is placing increasing pressure on experienced chefs and even younger chefs being thrust into higher-pressure roles.

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Tips for Making Delicious and Profitable Pizzas for Your Restaurant

If you own a restaurant, you know how important it is to have menu items that are both delicious and profitable. One of the most popular and profitable items on any restaurant's menu is pizza. However, not all pizzas are created equal when it comes to profitability. In this blog post, we're going to share some tips for making pizzas that not only taste great but also help your business thrive.


Meat Market Update - March 2023

As we move out of the early year production which is generally influenced by seasonal closures in production plants, we have seen a few recent developments in the ever-changing environment of the Australian protein markets. Some of which we will see the affects of in the coming months.

The following market updates by species is applicable information to enable clear communication where required for customer engagement and for everyone to gain an understanding of where the protein markets are at present and an outlook over the next period.