The backbone of any successful cafe is a regular customer base that comes in rain, hail or shine for that hit of coffee or something from the cabinet. It's widely understood that the key factors driving customer loyalty are the quality of food, the efficiency of the staff, and the overall ambience. The consistency of meeting these customer expectations plays a pivotal role in a customer's likelihood to return.


Regarding menu updates, while seasonal changes ensure fresh produce and competitive pricing, a drastic shift from one season to another may displease customers who have personal favourites. Instead, consider introducing seasonal variations of popular menu items and use less popular dishes for more experimental replacements. Staying informed about seasonal produce trends across Australia can aid in making informed menu decisions.

You can schedule your deliveries for consistency, with a wide range of products available at Moco to meet your needs. With deliveries available 6 days a week, you can ensure you have the quality stock when you need it most.



Never underestimate the value of your regulars seeing a familiar face and forming a connection with your business. Embracing change is inevitable, and knowing how to implement it without unsettling customers is crucial. Staff turnover, for instance, can disrupt the familiar interactions customers have with wait staff and baristas. To maintain service standards, it is important to train new staff to meet your high standards.

However, introducing change can be a delicate matter, as it may be either embraced or rejected by customers based on their perceptions. To ensure a positive reception, communicate impending changes in advance, providing customers with time to adjust. 


Design & Layout

In the realm of cafe interior design and layout, warning customers about upcoming changes helps in garnering their acceptance. Keeping them informed and possibly seeking their input can turn the tide in favour of a positive customer experience.


With over 5000 products available for chefs to choose from, Moco Food Services stocks quality ingredients to cater to your cafe's needs. Learn more about Moco’s online ordering platform designed for cafes - here.