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Our 5 steps for supporting cafes

Meat Expertise for your cafe

We know that when it comes to cafes, the most important pieces of protein on your menu are bacon, ham and smoked salmon.

Whether you're looking to get the best bang for your buck with value cuts to get your costings down or elevate your menu with speciality items, then we have a menu solution for you. We have dedicated meat specialists to help you craft your menu, with a full meat range to service your needs. 

Most popular protein for cafes

1. Bacon 2. Ham 3. Smoked Salmon

Menu Costing Made Easy

Profitability is key to running any successful cafe, and with our advanced app you can see price per serve or per kg with ease.

While you can easily see costs and price per piece online, you can also talk to our reps who offer a wealth of menu expertise and experience when it comes to costing up plates. We ask the right questions to help you produce a cost-effective menu and maximise your chef's time in the kitchen. 


One Invoice - Unlimited Choice

We know that time efficiency is crucial to running a profitable cafe and when you order with Moco you can get everything you need in one order - one invoice.

No need to navigate a host of different suppliers with phone calls and different tabs on your computer, shop on the best app in food service to order your meat and food service products in one location.

Cafe Specific Range

We have all of your everyday cafe essentials as well as speciality items to add a real x-factor to your menu. You can order staple items such as milk, eggs, bacon, cheese, meat and bread from reputable brands in one drop.

We also stock a variety of pre-made and portioned menu options to fill your display cabinets with cakes, biscuits, slices and pastries to meet your needs.

Our range of trending milk brands will delight your barista, and our eco-packaging options are perfect for takeaway.

Shop Cafe Essentials Range

Locals Supporting Locals

We're a family-owned and operated business based in Brisbane, with over 60 years of experience.

We have that small business feel and support, with the capabilities of a large-scale business as we service hospitality venues of all sizes.

From the Sunshine Coast to Lismore, and from Toowoomba to Brisbane CBD - we're your local partner. 


Consolidate Your Deliveries

Centralise your food service deliveries with Moco and get what you need in a single delivery, with just one invoice. You can save time managing deliveries and placing multiple orders by ordering your meat and food service products from one location.

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Need a hand getting started?

If you want to know more or need help setting up your ordering lists, we can help.

Our online ordering specialist can call or visit you. 

Cafe Support

Check out our blog page for further support when it comes to running a successful cafe.

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