The Butcher Brothers

On the dusty roads of regional Victoria in the early 20th century, about three hours from Melbourne, two brothers would regularly make the long journey from farm to farm sourcing the greatest cattle to produce the best cuts of meat for their butcher shop.

The pair were well known in these parts. Not only as a couple of roving larrikins, but also as the most famous butcher brothers in the North East.

The Sisely brothers would eventually go on to have a street named after them in Wangaratta, Victoria.

Their business prided itself on producing consistently great quality cuts of meat.

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Jack Sisely

Whilst the butcher shop was a partnership, it was Jack Sisely who was a larger than life character (and a bit of a scallywag…)
Today, Jack’s Best still honours the essence and quality of this family-run butcher shop.

Our team of passionate butchers have been trained with time-honoured techniques and use the most state-of-the-art tools to produce our great cuts.

For undeniable consistency, choose Jack’s Best and make your menu stand out.

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  • Beef - Over 60 cuts of beef to create your perfect menu, perfectly aged for at least three weeks. Choose from grass, pasture or grain fed beef.
  • Lamb - Jack's Best lamb is pasture fed and carefully aged for up to three weeks.
  • Pork - From Pork striploins to medallions, up to 20 different cuts of Pork available. HGP free with a fat score of 2-3.
  • Chicken - Choose from over 70 varieties of Poultry for your menu essentials. Skin on or skin off, wings, thighs, fillets, schnitzels and more.
  • Sausages - See our boutique flavoured Sausages or range of everyday essentials
  • Seafood -  Over 40 seafood products from Australia and overseas, with fresh and frozen options.
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