Black Onyx Beef

Black Onyx is one of the finest Black Angus brands in the country, produced by Rangers Valley for a premium product that you can count on for your menu.

The unique Black Onyx difference is that their pure Black Angus cattle are long-fed on grain for 270+ days so that they grow at a more natural rate for a high-quality finished product.

  • 100% Pure Black Angus Beef
  • 270+ Day Grain Fed
  • Marble Score 3+
  • HGP Free
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Pure Black Angus

Every detail has been taken care of to ensure that you get nothing but the best beef, suitable for fine dining venues and steakhouses.

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Long Fed

Black Onyx Black Angus Cattle are fed on grain for 270+ days so that that cattle grow at a slower and more natural rate, for higher quality flavour and texture. 270+ days on grain allows that cattle to consistently reach that 3+ marble score, which is not that common for Black Angus cattle.


Black Onyx Black Angus cattle are bred from purebred cattle with 100% Angus parentage so that you only get the best. Black Onyx put in the work with genotypic assessment, phenotypic assessment and supply chain tracing to ensure the purity.

MB 3+

All Black Onyx beef is 3+ marble score so that you get a premium flavour and tenderness. 3+ marble score for Angus cattle ensures that you're getting some of the finest Angus beef in the world.

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Black Onyx
Black Onyx
Black Onyx