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From the ocean

From squid to sushi, crabs to caviar, whole or filleted fish
- and everything in between.

Moco has your wholesale seafood needs sorted.

At Moco, all of our seafood has total product traceability back to the point of origin. For excellent quality, peace-of-mind and the greatest variety, start browsing our range of Fresh and Frozen Seafood today. 

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Easily search for everything you need with total convenience.

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The hero products of your menu.

Choose from portioned meat cut by our team of expert butchers for yield accuracy or whole primal cartons.

Or perhaps you are looking for ready-to-eat solutions for total menu convenience.

Meat is our specialty, we've got you covered.

Centre of plate, Centre of your world

Quality, variety and availability.

The essentials for all chefs, no matter what hospitality or catering game you are in.

For meat, seafood, plant protein, and everything in between - discover the huge range of Protein options available from Moco.

We offer full product traceability back to the source of origin, giving you peace-of-mind in the kitchen and some great 'farm-to-fork' stories for your creations. 

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Grass or Grain?

Beef, Poultry, Pork, Lamb, Veal - Variety is our specialty.

What's your menu preference?

- Portion cut for yield accuracy and consistency

- Whole primal cartons for your culinary creations

- Ready-to-eat for convenience and quick service

Moco also has an extensive array of Smallgoods ranging from local Artisan products to everyday essentials.

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Complete traceability

From catch to kitchen, or paddock to plate. 

Traceability is central to delivering confidence for our customers.

Moco is fully certified in HACCP and ISO 9001 quality standards. The controls we have in place, as part of our traceability program, ensure that all products maintain their integrity to the time it is delivered to your kitchen.

All Meat is sourced from Australian accredited meat processing establishments. All fresh Seafood is delivered in pristine condition over crushed ice with protective liners, insulated and packed in a tamper-sealed box to ensure cold chain compliance.

For peace-of-mind with your Protein, Moco is your one stop specialist supplier.

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Delivering seafood, For over 50 years

Proudly supplying Restaurants and Catering Businesses with quality Seafood for over 50 years!

We're here to help with our extensive variety of:

- Fresh seafood, locally caught and packed on ice

- Quality frozen favourites to ensure your menu delivers consistently during busy service

- Coated and crumbed seafood for convenient canape solutions

No matter what's on your menu, you'll find the perfect catch.

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