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Grain or Grass?

Portioned or Primal? 

Brand or Breed?

No matter how you plan or search for your next centre of plate creation, at Moco, Beef is our specialty. 

Is your menu seeking the robust flavours of Grass Fed beef or the Tenderness of Grain Fed? From the finest Wagyu to everyday high yielding cuts, we've got you covered. 



We are proud to partner with award-winning producers, with reputable brands, to offer our customers a great range of Lamb options.

Sourced from Australia's Southern States, our Lamb is pasture-fed and breed specific to suit the restaurant and catering industry.

Have confidence in product consistency and quality when you order Lamb from Moco.

Your main dishes are set to please! 


Moco has long partnered with Australia’s best-known Pork producers, giving our customers an extensive range of quality options for your culinary creations.

Our supply partners have some of the highest standards in the world for animal welfare, safety, environmental protection and food quality.

Our Pork is guaranteed to be 100% Australian raised with full traceability from paddock to plate.

As they say... Get some 'Pork on your Fork'


Whether it's skin on or skin off - it's going to be quality when you order from Moco.

We partner with Australia’s best-known Chicken producers to offer our customers a great variety, availability and excellent traceability from the farm all the way to your fridge or freezer.

Choose from our cage free, or free-range products; with no added hormones or growth promotants (HGP free),

Looking for Wings, Thighs, Fillets, Schnitzels and more? Let's talk! 


At Moco, there are two main breeds of Duck sourced for our protein options:

Pekin Ducks – with a larger body, this duck allows for bigger portion options

Muscovy Duck – often preferred by chefs for leaner meat than other breeds

We work closely with Luv-a-Duck, Australia’s largest farmer and producer.

For Fillets, Maryland, Peking or Whole Ducks and more, start browsing our range today. 


A timeless and profitable solution for any menu.

Choose from our variety of flavours and sizes available 

Our sausages are hand crafted by artisan butchers using natural and artificial casings.

Perhaps try the Black Angus Beef, or our trending Gluten Free Pork, Apple and Sage varieties?

Looking for something a little different?

Speak to a Moco Meat Specialist for bespoke recipe solutions unique to your business.

Our Brands

Do you feature 'Farm to Fork' stories on your menu?

Take your customers on a journey with the brand stories and source of origin of their meal.

Order with Moco to easily find the brands you love or discover what's new and trending to make your menu stand out.

Search Moco's extensive portfolio of Meat options, from great value brands through to the finest reserve labels. 

91 Meat brands

23 Poultry brands

17 Smallgoods brands

All diligently selected by our team of butchers.

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Marbled Perfection

How do you Wagyu?

Choose from our range of pure bred and F1 Wagyu, with Marbles Scores ranging up to 9+. 

At Moco, we have close relationships with Australian and global award-winning Wagyu farmers, giving our customers access to the most remarkable cuts of Beef.

We offer full traceability from conception to consumption, to help you bring to life the farm to fork stories selected for your menu.

Book a consultation with your dedicated Moco Meat Specialist to discuss the best options for your business. 


Portion Cut Meat

If your busy kitchen is looking to maximise yield, labour time and consistency, then you understand the benefits of ordering quality portion cut meat.

With over 350 hand crafted cuts of beef, lamb, pork, chicken, veal and smallgoods items, we have everything you need and more.

Moco's team of experienced Butchers are passionate about giving chefs complete confidence in the consistency and quality of their meat, for every order.


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Whole Primal Meat

Customise and create.

Find the perfect meat selection for your menu with Moco's extensive range of whole prime cartons of meat.

Moco is proud to hold intimate relationships with Australia best producers - from source to main course we offer full traceability.

Our partnerships with award-winning global brands and boutique local suppliers sees Moco well positioned to be first to market with product availability.  

Discover more about Meat

Meat your Specialist

The sizzle behind the steak.

It's the little details that can truly make your menu stand out. 

For product consultation, knowledge and training - we believe in committed partnerships. 

Our team of qualified and passionate Meat Specialists are on hand to get to know your business and bring your menu to life.

We can support your decisions with industry updates, insights into supply availability and the latest trending cuts. 

If you are looking for savvy assistance when it comes to all things centre of plate, our team have the technical knowledge to help you with your menu design and purchasing journey.

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Our Butchers

The craftsmen behind the cuts.

Our team of 12 talented butchers have over 40 years' experience with modern portioning techniques, using the latest machinery and excellent quality assurance practices.

Moco is proud to support local Queensland employment and has an on-site dedicated training facility as we continually look to enhance skillsets and welcome new talented butchers to our team.

Cutting each piece of meat to match the specification of our brands is the backbone to giving our customers consistency and satisfaction time after time.

Accuracy is everything. 

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Traceability from Paddock to Plate

Traceability is central to delivering confidence for our customers.

At Moco Meats, our certification includes:
- Australian Meat accredited
- MSA Licenced
- MLA certified
- Fully certified in HACCP and ISO 9001 quality standards
- Halal accredited

For peace-of-mind with your Protein, Moco is your one stop specialist supplier.


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