1st July, 2024

Why is there a shortage?

  • Bird flu detected on 12 properties
  • Multiple suppliers affected
  • Reduced ongoing supply

The egg industry is scrambling to cover supply chain issues as Bird Flu has been detected in 12 farms across NSW and Victoria. These farms supply roughly 10% of the eggs in Australia, and it has been challenging to isolate the outbreaks and further restrict any spreading.

Pace Farms alone will see their supply decrease by around 16,000 boxes per week, placing significant strain upon a high-demand product. Preferred suppliers such as Moco are still receiving deliveries, although supply of specific sizes and products will be challenging. Customers can expect prices to vary as market forces dictate price sensitivity, and customers who are willing to be flexible on size and quantity will be able to manage this challenge with the least disruption to their kitchen.

Multiple supermarkets have introduced purchase limits on eggs, highlighting the ongoing challenges faced across retail and food service.

What is Moco doing to work through the shortage?

  • As a preferred supplier, we're working with our suppliers to minimise the disruption to supply
  • Managing incoming inventory to balance future needs with current customer needs
  • Supplying alternatives to fresh eggs

At Moco we’re working with a variety of suppliers to ensure continuity for stock even if it is not always the exact same product, but providing alternatives of similar sizes or quantities.

How can you handle the shortage?

  • Set email reminders for OOS products in the Moco app, so that you know when they're available
  • Look at product substitutions
  • Switch to alternatives

It's best to be nimble and plan ahead for any shortages, to ensure you always know when any new stock arrives you can set email reminders in the Moco app or you can talk to your Moco rep to work through your specific needs.

What are the best alternatives for fresh eggs?

Frozen Solutions

For your savoury dishes like continental breakfasts, Sunny Queen Egg’s Scrambled Egg Mix needs only to be boiled in the pouch to deliver natural-tasting scrambled eggs. If customers prefer poached eggs for their breakfast plate, why not serve Sunny Queen Egg’s Large Poached Eggs? They also work well in sandwiches, salads, and burgers for lunch. 

If your recipe requires egg whites only, Sunny Queen Egg’s Egg White Albumen will help you craft the perfect omelette or create a delicious meringue for dessert. If these frozen products are not for you, there are other alternatives.  

Mayo Solutions

Mayonnaise is made with egg and oil that can give you the binding required for baking bread, cakes, and pastries. Vegan mayonnaise in particular, has been used for years in plant-based baking as an egg and dairy substitute. Vegan Mayonnaise is gluten-free and perfect for your salads, sandwiches, and wraps, meeting a wide range of customers’ dietary requirements.

You can order all these egg alternative products, ready-made solutions, and more from our ordering app for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.