22nd June 2023

  • Domestic potato harvests have begun and they’re processing potatoes at maximum capacity
  • European potato products have begun flowing into the country with regularity
  • There is an excellent supply of Belgian potatoes from brands such as Big Country and Eco Frost
  • Not all lines of product are back in consistent supply, with production on some products halted

After a tumultuous few months, where domestic supply has been impacted by heavy rain and imported potatoes have been affected by drought, there is finally good news on the potato supply front. Harvests have begun in Tasmania and Victoria, where the majority of Australian potatoes are grown. Chip factories have reopened and they’re operating at capacity to try and keep up with demand.

While harvest has been slow to kick off, Simplot are reporting that the quality of the potatoes is high, with a low number of ‘reject’ potatoes.


This shortage has been a big challenge for Moco and all of our customers, and one of the positives that has come from it is the consistent and reliable supply of Big Country chips that have come through. Big country Chips that are made from high-quality Belgian potatoes. They’re a bold chip for a big country, focused on offering great value without making you sacrifice quality.

While it’s great to have some good news on the chip front, it’s still possible that future years will be difficult as yields won’t return to normal for a few years. Harvests are always at the mercy of weather and no supply chain is rock solid, so it’s important that you’re always ready to be flexible when it comes to size and even brand of chips.

Choosing the right chip for job

  • When to use coated chips? Coated chips will deliver greater yields and hold times, for a chip that will stay hotter and crispier for longer. They are very reliable and consistent, perfect for pubs, restaurants, and takeaway. Coated chips can also have an added flavour for a real point of difference on your menu
  • When to use uncoated chips? Uncoated chips will have a lower yield and lower hold times but offer a more cost-effective menu solution. They're designed to be cooked quickly and eaten just as fast, perfect for mass consumption.