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Meat Market Update - November/December 2023


  • Beef export volumes remain steady year-on-year, with labour challenges at meat processing and value-added facilities easing over the past few months.
  • Domestically, Australia’s beef and lamb consumption per capita continues to be one of the highest in the world.
  • As we move into the warmer months, we expect to see an increase in demand for our Jacks Best sausages & burger range, as well as our Sovereign Cap on Lamb Cutlets heading into function season.
  • To continue the growth of our beef brands, we have introduced the Queenslander MSA Graded 1.8kg+ Beef Tenderloin into the MOCO Meats range to complement our AMH and Beef City Platinum Tenderloin options.              


  • Supply of domestic lamb remains consistent despite weather challenges in Victoria over the past couple of months, and export demand remains strong for Australian lamb.
  • Demand for our Sovereign Lamb Legs, Cap on Rumps and Diced Lamb remains consistent, with increasing demand expected for our Jacks Best Lamb Koftas throughout Summer.
  • Our Roaring Forties lamb range provides a premium alternative for upcoming Australia Day festivities.


  • In October, the pork industry experienced a continued tightening in the domestic market driven by strong Exports numbers to Singapore and reduced slaughter numbers vs the national forecast.
  • In conjunction with the shortening in the market – there has been little relief on feed prices and as such livestock prices are rising swiftly and are expected to continue into the new year. This is being reflected in increased primal prices across the carcass.
  • At a cut/primal level, leg and shoulder meat are in particularly high demand and the market saw increased enquiry on these products in October.
  • It is expected that tightening will continue across the board on all primals leading into Christmas. This will be driven by the combination of short raw material supply, high livestock costs, high diesel prices (freight costs) and organic Christmas uplift in demand.
  • In food service, out-of-home meal rate slowed again slightly in October, with dinners driving the decline. Spend per person is down and the out-of-home rate for October was also down on the same time last year.  In contrast, fast food takeaway continues to trend upwards.

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