Not all chips are made equal, but you can do your best to maximise the quality of any chip that you're putting in the deep fryer.

Before You fry

  • Select one fryer for chips only, as frozen chips will absorb the flavours and odours of other foods.
  • Keep chips frozen as thawed chips break easily and broken ends absorb more oil.
  • It sounds basic, but check the recommended cooked and temperature for your specific chip!

Filling Your Baskets

  • Load your basket away from the fryer to avoid spills
  • Only fill your baskets half full so that the oil can circulate and the temperature stays consistent. If the oil can't circulate, then oil absorption increases and the outside of your chips will cook before the centre is ready.

Single Basket Drop

  • Drop in one basket at a time
  • Let oil temperature recover for 30 seconds and then drop your second basket. This will help ensure consistently hot oil so that your chips cook quickly.
  • Skim your oil to remove debris and slivers.

Things to Consider When Selecting Your Chips

Fry Length: The longer the chip, the fewer it takes to fill a plate or a cup

Fry Shape: The shape affects coverage, hold times and aesthetics for your plate

Flavour: Flavoured chips can spice up your menu and complement dishes

What Does The Chip Need To Do: Everything from delivery to Bain Marie holding and quick service

Cook Speed: For some venues, high volume means fast cooking so they need to opt for a thinner chips