If you've been staying up to date with our happenings, you will have come across Moco Food Services' 'Build a Better Burger' range. Along the way, we’ve seen customers who are doing just that with great success. Here are our top 5 customers who cook up some of the best burgers in South-East Queensland, each with their own unique twist.

Broken Hearts Burger Club

Our first customer on this list found their inspiration in Los Angeles. Broken Hearts Burger Club was founded by Jay Gordon, Che Quaedvlieg and Pierce Thiot, who fell in love with the street burger scene in the City of Angels. What started as a journey with a large following on Instagram to re-create the perfect LA smashed patty burger has now become a growing burger restaurant chain in Brisbane with five venues. The menu stars the LA smashed patty burger complete with American cheese, Sandhurst Bread and Butter Cucumbers, and a dash of Heinz Big Red Tomato Sauce. The options are simply combinations of single, double, or triple patties with the addition of tomato, lettuce, and onion. Stay tuned for our upcoming video series collaboration with Broken Hearts on their business story and menu inspiration through our YouTube channel and socials. 



Broken Hearts Burger Club's Fancy Single Burger with fries.


Of course, the famous American-style burgers aren’t only from LA but the American East Coast too.

5 Boroughs

With its name based on the five boroughs of New York, 5 Boroughs serves up handcrafted New York inspired eats at seven locations around Brisbane. Delivering the taste of New York with every bite, the 5 Boroughs Restaurant & Bar group only use freshly ground beef with no additives. Their proprietary blend of Angus beef is smashed on the grill creating a caramelised patty. To make it truly authentic, imported American cheddar cheese and Brooklyn pickles complement the patty sandwiched between butter-toasted buns. America’s love for wood-smoked bacon is also on show here, with Primo Smoked Speck as part of the New York Cheese Burger. The menu also includes other NY staples like wings, tacos, pork ribs, char-grilled steaks, and slow-cooked brisket.


5 Boroughs' New York Cheese Burger.


Recipe insight: Speaking of brisket, it happens to be the star ingredient for a specialty burger at a customer's craft brewery in Fortitude Valley. 

Soapbox Beer

One of Brisbane’s most popular craft breweries, Soapbox Beer, not only has custom beers brewed on-site but the natural food pairing of choice to serve alongside the beers, are burgers. In particular, their Corduroy Beef Brisket burger features beef brisket purchased from Moco that's slow-cooked for 18 hours while infused with their beer and secret seasonings. In fact, most of Soapbox’s burger ingredients are supplied by Moco, including Jack's Best Wagyu Beef Patties, which were featured in our recent video series collaboration with the craft brewery. 


Soapbox Beer's Slider Throw Downs featuring the beef brisket slider (on the left).


Of course, they aren't the only customer in the Valley to offer top-notch burgers. 

Hashtag Burgers & Waffles

Serving up their quirky named burgers across two venues at Fortitude Valley and West End, Hashtag Burgers & Waffles pride themselves on using ethically sourced, high-quality ingredients. Equally important to these extra-thick custom burgers are the sides on offer. Their Tottie Too Hottie side features Edgell Potato Gems loaded with maple bacon, cheese and shallots drizzled in pickle mayo and tomato sauce. Be sure to enjoy their signature waffles and desserts too.

Hashtag Burgers & Waffles' Tottie Too Hottie side with a range of their custom burgers.


Lastly, we have a customer a little further out west proving to be quite popular.

Just Poppy’s

Twice voted Brisbane’s Best Burger by Brisbane Times readers in 2011 and Courier Mail readers in 2019, Just Poppy’s at Riverhills Plaza serves up an enormous range of burgers to fit the appetite of just about everyone. The casual burger joint not only serves beef burgers but pork, chicken, rib-fillet steak, lamb, fish, vegetarian, and vegan options! They also serve burgers with a twist, including the Nobble Nibble featuring Butler’s BBQ Pork Riblets. No wonder this venue has won the popular vote – there's a burger for everyone!  

An example of what you can expect from Just Poppy's popular burgers.


If our customers have inspired you to build your better burger, browse through our Build a Better Burger range on our online ordering platform.

All images have been provided by and used with the permission of Broken Hearts Burger Club, 5 Boroughs, Soapbox Beer, Hashtag Burgers & Waffles and Just Poppy's. 

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