When it comes to crafting a premium menu offering and charging higher prices, transparency and a keen focus on provenance can help give credibility to your menu. Research has shown that consumers are becoming increasingly mindful of what they eat and where it comes from, from a sustainability and quality perspective.


Transparency is a major selling point when it comes to protein, detailing the feed type and breeding has been commonplace when it comes to beef, but rolling out this detail across your menu can help to elevate your menu.

For example, if you want to serve chicken and pork on a premium menu, you want to source a quality product to begin with. Whether it is high-quality free-range chicken or almond-fed pork, offering detailed information can help your dishes stand out and give your customers confidence in what they’re eating.

Local vs International

When it comes to selling the source of your products, it helps to select products that are hyper-local to create a connection with the customer, or on the other end of the spectrum, you can source premium ingredients from renowned produce regions to emphasise the quality of your menu.

Conscious Consumption

Research has shown that 60% of diners are making more environmentally and ethical choices when it comes to food selection, a trend that you can bring to your menu. An easy match for this is suitable or organically produced fruit and vegetables. For your centre of plate you can choose fish that is sustainably produced or wild-caught using sustainable practices, the same can be said for your typical beef, pork or lamb.