Reducing food waste is a significant issue in the hospitality industry, from a sustainability point of view and profitability. Wasted food means wasted time ordering, prepping, plating and serving, not to mention the raw material costs.

Efficient Procurement

The most straightforward approach to minimising waste is to stop purchasing excess food to start with. To ensure effectiveness, a menu must seamlessly integrate with meticulous purchasing and production procedures. Proper purchasing involves accurate interpretation of ingredient requirements, ensuring timely availability for production, and the kitchen staff must adhere to timely food preparation.


Storage Management

Efficient stock control aims to minimise costs and optimise storage space, all while ensuring sufficient product availability to meet demand. Many hospitality operators often maintain high stock levels to respond to peak demand. However, retaining excess stock can result in financial drawbacks. The cost of stock can be categorised into three key areas:
• Cost of Storage
• Cash Flow and Interest Considerations
• Cost of Spoilage

Production Planning

A considerable portion of waste is attributed to both labour and ingredients. Within the production phase, wastage occurs when ingredients are not meticulously prepared, such as excessive trimming of meat, vegetables, or fish, or when usable components are discarded, like trimmings that could enhance stocks and sauces. Consequently, many kitchens have the opportunity to minimise costly waste by effectively managing and reusing materials during the production stage.



Portioning & Plate Waste

Determining the appropriate serving size is crucial when it comes to reducing wastage. While a seemingly generous portion might not appear problematic initially, the cumulative impact over days, months, and years becomes a significant concern. It is essential to bear in mind that overly generous servings often result in food waste, ending up in the bin rather than the customer's stomach. Precise portion control is essential in tackling this issue, and over time you can take note of customers' habits and adjust portion size accordingly.

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