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At Moco Meats we’re a leading contender when you’re looking for wholesale meats Brisbane. Our range of beef, lamb, chicken, pork and duck is available to order on the app so that you can buy meat in bulk with ease. We have the personable touch and detail of your local butcher shop – yet better, with our scale and delivery service so that you can order your bulk meat and rest assured it is of the finest quality.

Based in southeast Queensland, we have a local touch in all areas, whether you’re after Gold Coast wholesale meats or you want some beef with your surf n turf on the Sunshine Coast. We’re a reliable restaurant supply store near you, with all of your catering food supply needs in one spot so that we can become an integral part of your business.


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Quality Wholesale Beef

You can order every cut of beef and access a wide range of breeds, including everybody’s favourite Wagyu or reliable Black Angus Beef that offers a consistently high-quality eating experience. When you’re looking for bulk meat Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Toowoomba then we have you sorted.

You can buy all of your quality meat in bulk, with sirloin steaks, eye fillets, t-bones, beef OP rib, brisket, striploin, rump, rib fillet and more.

Choose from grain fed beef that offers a consistent eating experience, pasture fed beef for a more economical cut of beef or grass-fed beef for a rich natural flavour.

If you’re ever after specific advice when it comes to how to cook roast beef or what is beef brisket when it comes to the finer details, feel free to talk to our talented team of meat specialists.

Wholesale Lamb

Lamb is a classic Aussie favourite, ready for the grill, slow-cooker or oven. Wholesale lamb is available to order in bulk, with cuts such as lamb shoulders, loin chops, rump cap, noisettes, racks, legs, shanks and forequarter chops.

If you’re thinking about how long to cook roast lamb for the best results or work out the exact spec to meet your needs then talk to our meat specialists for a helping hand.

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Wholesale Pork

Pork is a kitchen staple at venues across the country, offering versatility to suit any price point from QSR to fine dining. You can grill pork chops, striploins and cutlets, slow cook pork collar butt or produce the perfect pork belly with delicious crackling. You can even use pork mince for a point of difference with its distinctive rich flavour.

We're a one stop shop for your food services needs, yet we pride ourselves on delivering quality meets to ensure that you're serving the best.

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Wholesale Chicken

Chicken is a versatile staple for many professional kitchens, a great cut to buy in bulk and produce cost-effective dishes. Wholesale chicken comes in all shapes and sizes, with a range that includes chicken breasts, wings, thighs, schnitzels, tenderloins and Maryland.

We're bulk food suppliers with a difference, offer quality, convenience and efficiency all in one place, perfect for cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs and more. If you're after more from poultry than just chicken, we also stock turkey and duck so that you can change up your menu with the seasons.

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What is Wagyu Beef?

Wagyu are a Japanese breed of cattle that are renowned for their marbling which gives the meat a rich flavour and buttery texture. Popular across the world, Wagyu have been exported across the world and are bred in Australia, the US and many more countries. There are four breeds of Wagyu in Japan, starting with the Japanese Black, Japanese Polled, Japanese Brown and Japanese Shorthorn.

Across the world, they are cross-bred with a variety of breeds, here in Australia Westholme breed their Wagyu cattle with their own breed of Mitchell cattle, while award-winning Jack’s Creek crosses their Wagyu with premium Black Angus cattle.

Is grain fed better than grass fed beef?

While this usually is up to personal preference, there are clear differences between grain fed and grass fed beef. Grain feed beef is usually fed at a feedlot for a prescribed period of time, usually ranging from 80-400 days. This ensures a very-controlled diet that in turn results in a more consistent product and reliable marbling, ensuring that you can be confident in delivering an excellent eating experience every single day.

While grass fed beef is fed on natural pastures with no grain, this ensures a richer and more distinctive 'beefy' flavour, although it is often a less reliable eating experience. There are also some nutritional differences that flow through from the animal's diet, but in the end, it is usually just personal preference, with grain fed often favoured for its consistency in professional kitchens.

What is free range chicken?

Free range chicken refers to chickens that are grown with access to outdoor space where they can roam freely. Although there are no exact specifics across the country when it comes to chickens grown for meat. The main benefit of free range chicken is that is expected that it is an improvement for animal welfare, with other reported nutritional benefits, but when it comes to taste it is once again personal preference.